Some spooky Halloween date ideas..

Yes it's that time of the year again when we are urged to get our 'spook' on. Not usually associated with Romance we've scoured the best of the best options for some fun and fabulous ideas for how to impress your date without scaring them off!

Horse-Drawn Halloween Rides in Richmond are sure to spook!

Horse-Drawn Halloween Rides in Richmond are sure to spook!

1. Horse-Drawn Halloween Rides, Richmond Park

A bit spooky, a bit romantic why not explore Richmond Park in the dark. Enjoy an hour-long tour with a guide on a horse-drawn carriage where you can find out all about the history of the park, including tales of highwaymen and ghosts that have haunted the grounds and a Victorian murder that was only solved in 2010.  Each ticket includes  a glass of sloe gin and necessary blankets!

Richmond Park, Richmond, TW10 5HS from 

Richmond Park Website

2. High Fashion Halloween Party, Broadway House Fulham

For those who are less up for being spooked and more into the glamorous option why not head to Fulham's Broadway House to celebrate a high-fashion Halloween. Guests are welcomed to come dressed for Halloween and enjoy a catwalk show of.. none other than the guests themselves!

Broadway House, Fulham, SW6. Friday 31st October

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3. Necropolis, Waterloo Vaults

If you're a bit braver you can always really go for it and visit Necropolis, situated deep beneath Waterloo Station. This is not for the faint of heart as you can expect spooky tales, ghosts, gore and gruesome facts!

Necropolis was rumoured to be the remains of the notorious Necropolis Railway Station, London's biggest underground morgue, which closed in 1941. This was where, as story has it, Londoners were forced to take their dead back in a time when the city was overfilled with corpses...


Necropolis was, so they say, an old Railway Station and morgue

Necropolis was, so they say, an old Railway Station and morgue

Perhaps only take a date you know rather well to this one.

From Thursday 30th October to Sat 1st November

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4. London Ghost Tour by Black Cab

If you don't fancy something quite so terrifying why not explore some of London's sinister sights from the comfort of your own private black cab? You can take a date and the two of you can hear all about lifeless corpses, headless beings and the undead

You will also be taken to the most haunted house in London, the most secretive pub and the most sinister church. You'll then get to end the tour with a well deserved drink in the 300 year old pub.

Find out more here

5. Pop-Up Screens Halloween, Notting Hill

The Pop Up Screens take to the 20th Century Screen in Noting Hill over Halloween this year and are showing a multitude of spooky classics including Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street and Candyman.  What could be spookier than that?

Before you get to enjoy your movie however, you'll have to note that finding your way through a scare maze will be required before you can find your seat in the spooky cinema... of course.

Check out the other Pop-Up Halloween Screenings.

6. 50 Shades of Halloween, The Wellington Club

If you don't fancy something quite so 'out there' there is always a much more sophisticated and refined option. The Late Night Cocktail Club have teamed up with The Wellington Private Members Club to host a party fully equipped with stilt walkers, a live saxophonist and other surprises. The 50 Shades of Halloween 

Located in Knightsbridge this is a glamorous and stylish way to do Halloween. It also includes a complimentary cocktail before 9pm

7. Uncle Barts Spooky Affair, Barts

This is the 4th Halloween Party at the infamous 'Barts' bar where the good old 'fancy dress chest' comes out and guests get heavily involved.  Always buzzy with an infectiously fun personality this speakeasy is accessed via a secret door and ringing a bell where you'll find a hidden (not certainly not shy) cocktail bar in South Kensington.