First Date Etiquette

Want to make a good first impression? Here are a few first date don'ts.

1. Make an effort

It seems obvious but if you want to set the foundation for a second date, take pride in your appearance. If you're stuck for ideas just let us know and we can put you in touch with our stylist go ensure you get relationship ready! 

2. Don't Talk about Previous Relationships

Ideally your date wants to get to know you, not your baggage. Avoid divulging too much information, and never talk badly about old boyfriends or girlfriends. Constantly talking about a previous relationship can indicate an obsession, or reveal your error in the relationship.

3. Don't Talk about Yourself Too Much

You are no doubt fabulous, and the very fact you are reading this reinforces that fact, however as much as you might enjoy talking about yourself try not to. In fact, if you want to break the ice and start a conversation with a person, ask simple questions about themselves. On the other hand, if you monopolize the conversation on the first date, and spend too much time talking about self, this can give off a wrong impression. You may appear self-absorb or arrogant. If your date asks a personal question, respond briefly and move on. For some people, all it takes is a simple question to propel them into a two-hour discussion about themselves.

4. Flatter and Impress

Take your date somewhere different and where the setting may be a talking point alone. Here at The Sloane Arranger we can help you with a whole host of suggestions. Also, be sure to flatter and compliment your date as they've no doubt made an effort when meeting you which I'm sure they would appreciate.

5. Leave the tech at the office

You are no doubt super busy and constantly checking your Blackberry or iPhone may be a big part of your life. However, it can also give the wrong impression on dates so it's best to leave it in your pocket and refrain from checking it when out with a potential partner.