Ideas Of What To Do On Halloween When Begging For Sweets Is No Longer The Done Thing

We all know the heartbreaking feeling when we are too old for trick-or-treating (and still haven't emotionally healed from having to say goodbye to all the free sweeties - so long...)

So let's have a look at the alternatives - getting dress up in something terrifying and going on a Halloween party crawl - feels, well kind of eeeek....

So the question is what is the true Halloween lover meant to do ? You don’t want to be the skeleton that stayed at home cos he didn't have any guts! So let’s start by skipping the house parties and bar hopping and instead opt for one of these frankly better, more creative, and yes, possibly fun spooky events.

Are you seeking a bigger scare than you'll get from the local sugar-swindling children? Spend your Halloween at one of these fun alternatives to ensure your Halloween is a total scream! 


Lunatic Theatre Production at the Fringe

Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' gets a psychological update in this nü gothic play, which zooms in on the relationship between Dr. John Seward and his fly-eating patient R.M. Renfield. Late performances are followed by screenings of the spook-tastic original: 1931’s Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi.

Find tickets here:

Or indeed a night of……

Horror Films At The Rivoli Ballroom Crofton Park

Catch Halloween and The Shining at these special screenings by Crofton Park Pictures at the Rivoli Ballroom. Booze, popcorn, ice cream and frank n furter’s available too that are worth goblin! (sorry)

Find tickets here: http://www.rivoliballroom

Museums At Night

Just in time for Halloween, Bedwyr Williams throws a Druid Party at Somerset House, Julie Peakman asks how Dr Samuel Johnson's legacy compares with that of his contemporary, courtesan Peg Plunkett; Peter Liversidge uncovers the history of the Royal College of Nursing, and duo Webb-Ellis hosts a dinner party at the Nunnery Gallery in Bow. These installations and events appear as part of the annual arts festival. 

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