The Sloane Arranger is an Introduction Club catering exclusively, discreetly and unashamedly to the most elegant, educated and eligible.

The Sloane Arranger is the only Introduction Club of its kind in the UK that caters exclusively to finding and introducing very discerning, like-minded members to each other - who are all a bit, let's face it, 'sloaney'.

Our members are looking for very specific qualities in who they meet, but don't necessarily want to plaster their profiles all over online dating sites or apps. Or often, they may have tried online dating but wish there was a way to filter out quality dates from time wasters - problem is they just don't have time to do so.

That's why we are here to help, as we're an Introduction Club who's passionate about finding and introducing our members to their ideal partners, not making empty introductions. We hand-select, screen and personally meet all our members before they join to ensure we maintain a pool of only the most eligible and quality candidates and will only match you to people you're happy to meet.

Exclusive Introductions

This is not online dating, nor is it an old fashioned dating agency - it's a fresh and discreet Introduction Club to a very unique clientèle in London and the Home Counties.  

All our members are well educated, well spoken, attractive and successful people who have no trouble meeting the opposite sex - they are just looking for something more specific.

Who is it right for?

We cater exclusively to sloaney types (ex public school sorts).

Our members are successful and attractive men and women of any age, and educated anywhere in the world, all looking for committed relationships, not empty introductions.

Members can live anywhere in the UK but must be willing to come to London on a regular basis so you can meet your matches.

How It Works

We try to keep it simple, we don't just accept anyone. We meet everyone in person before they are admitted to meticulously ensure they are right for what our members want, and we only match people we genuinely feel are an ideal fit for each other.

We currently don't charge women for membership (although there is a one-off joining fee) and have a 3 membership options for the gentlemen to suit busy lifestyles (or dating successes).